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Ferag is the global market leader for conveying and processing systems in the graphical industry.

Mailroom systems for small and large circulations are our core competency. From advice through conception to realization, Ferag offers complete solutions from a single source.

When it comes to the efficiency of a modern mailroom, added value like stitching, trimming, folding, gluing, foil wrapping, etc. are now factors that spell success… The return on Investment of a mailroom thus becomes equally attractive. All components in the area of added value can also be integrated into an installation as a modular retrofit.

With a renewed focus on intralogistics, utilizing a derivative of existing conveyor technology originally developed for the production of print media, Ferag is ideally suited to distribution logistics outside the graphical industry. With a number of applications possible, the material flow systems can be used in processing industries, fashion, automotive, food logistics, and also for e-commerce applications.


Baldwin Vision SystemsBaldwin Vision Systems

BALDWIN | Vision Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of control systems that help commercial, newspaper, packaging, and publication gravure printers improve their performance, productivity, and bottom line results.

BVS offers an extensive array of color management, register guidance, and defect management controls—including our ColorTrack™, DeltaCam™, SpectralCam™, Autotron™, Digital Ink System, Inspection System, and best-selling MultiCam.

BALDWIN | Vision Systems sells its automated systems in over 100 countries around the world. Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, BALDWIN | Vision Systems maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations.

As the exclusive Southern African representatives for BALDWIN Vision Systems, Kamboo Marketing supplies the full range of BVS advanced color and inspection technology.



Manugraph India Ltd. is India’s largest manufacturer of web offset presses. It is the first Indian company to have achieved a breakthrough in exporting “Made in India” printing machines to advanced countries such as Germany, France, UK & USA as early as in 1994-95. Manugraph believes that the key to maintaining a sustained success is choosing the right technologies and applying them to build cost-effective quality machines. Constant modernization and employment of state-of-the-art technology has enabled Manugraph to stay ahead in the industry. With quality presses ranging in speeds from 35,000 – 70,000 copies per hour, Manugraph presses are present in nearly all major publication houses.


Planatol Systems

PlanatolKamboo Marketing distributes the complete Planatol range of adhesives and application systems into the Southern African market. Planatol is a leading supplier of adhesive technologies, offering high-quality adhesives for a wide range of industries.  Planatol supply adhesives for bookbinding, coating and pressure sensitive adhesives. Kamboo Marketing proudly distributes the innovative, breakthrough hotmelt technology from Planatol called Planamelt specifically developed for the graphic arts industry solving common problems and reducing process costs.

Planatol is a market leader in producing gluing systems applications, such as those for fold-gluing in rotary printing. The advantage of the Planatol systems is that they enable precise configuration for individual production concepts as well as for complex adhesive applications in special machines. In their all-in-one solutions, the system and adhesive are perfectly matched to each other in order to achieve optimum working result.


Recmi Recmi

For 40 years, RECMI Industrie has been developing and offering end-of-line production solutions for the graphic arts sector as well as other related sectors of the industry such as stationery & food industry.

RECMI Industrie offers reliable and accurate equipment, taking into account the evolution of the printing market’s needs and new developments in web press technology. In recent years RECMI integrated robotics for handling and palletizing solutions. More than an equipment manufacturer, RECMI provides complete engineering services: design of complete solutions and process optimization.

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