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Klöckner Pentaplast

Kamboo Marketing is the proud exclusive representatives of Klockner Pentaplast shrink sleeving film in South Africa.

Klöckner Pentaplast, is a global leader in rigid and flexible packaging and understands that innovative packaging helps to sell your product and manufacture an extensive range of shrink-label films. Shrink labels make your product stand out, increasing shelf impact, and consumer awareness. Whether you’re in the beverage, dairy, food, health and beauty, household, or home and garden business, Pentalabel® films maximize shelf visibility, so your products get noticed. This fast-growing technology is ideal for launching new or redesigned products.

Kamboo Marketing are representatives of Klöckner  Pentaplast in Southern Africa, offering our customers best-in-class film solutions combining leading technologies, products and services while optimising the use of scarce resources.

  • Shrink-label films can cover the entire body of your product, so you can print more information and more intricate designs
  • The print quality is outstanding. You can reverse print to protect labels from scratching and wear while maintaining a high-gloss finish
  • Shrink films work well with unusually shaped containers that distinguish your product on the shelf
  • Full-body shrink labels can screen the product inside and allow you to create easy opening, tamper-evident seals
  • With KP’s global sourcing, you can always get the shrink film supply you need, wherever you need it
  • Klöckner Pentaplast films are manufactured in a controlled environment to the strictest current GMP standards, and are absolutely traceable



Dantex is the largest distributor in Europe of letterpress and flexo plates and has been serving the needs of the packaging industry for over 40 years.

Torelief and Aquaflex water wash photopolymer plates are produced in a wide variety of types and sizes, and to the highest standards. They are quick and simple to make and easy to use; offering superior ink transfer with lower ink consumption and long, consistent press runs.

Dantex offers environmentally friendly, solvent-free solutions for a host of flexographic applications. Our water-wash, photopolymer plates give consistent results every time, finer resolution, deep reverses and excellent ink transfer, the inks are available in Digital and Analogue formats.

Rapidoflex is Dantexs’ latest UV flexo plate innovation. Rapidoflex is solvent-free and press-ready in under 20 minutes; the fastest flexo plate on the market.



PKC Co. Ltd.  are manufacturers of Thermal Lamination Films, supplying Thermal Bopp Lamination to 58 countries worldwide since 1991.

PKCCOs expansion on production lines with modern machinery and integrated robotic systems have given them some great advantages. Large production capacity, quality testing devices and quality assurance systems, have further enabled them to develop one the first automated mass-production line systems for their full range of Thermal Bopp Lamination Films, PET based lamination films and industrial specialty films.

PKCCO Thermal Bopp Lamination Films are produced by this fully automated mass-production line systems and with their unique extrusion-production lines, applying 100% eco-friendly materials in order to produce their environmental-friendly Thermal Bopp Lamination films.



Kamboo Marketing also distributes the Planatol range of adhesives into the South African and African market.

Planatol is one of the leading suppliers around the world for adhesives, adhesive applications and application systems. Our experience of many years enables us to be a market leader for intelligent adhesive applications in specialised niche markets. 

Our development departments are continually providing new solutions for innovative applications tailored to our customers’ processes and products. We support high-speed gluing processes and can also provide solutions for complex adhesive bonding challenges. Our combined chemical and mechanical engineering know-how helps achieve high synergy effects and a valuable knowledge transfer.


IBF Indústria Brasileira de Filmes SA

IBF Indústria Brasileira de Filmes SA is the largest Brazilian manufacturer and supplier of consumable printing products.

Since its foundation in January 1961, IBF has grown to become the market leader in Brazil for aluminum offset plates, graphic arts films.

Today, IBF products are exported to more than 60 countries in view of the superior quality at competitive cost. Ranked among the 5 largest world producers, IBF manufactures a full range of the latest offset plate technologies, providing efficient solutions to the diversified needs of the market.

IBF is ISO 9001 certified for plates, films and chemicals. The Key point in IBF products is quality, their high performance plates and films are the best options for competing in quality and consistency with established world brands.

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